Super Greens Green Juice

We drink to health! We drink to great tasting green juice! We drink because we like a green stache!

I was craving a luscious–vibrant–full–of–wellness green juice the other day and so I made one.

I grabbed some apples that were weeks old, lemons I probably shouldn’t have bought in the first place, and a whole tub of Safeway Organics’ Super Greens—well, the small tub.

Added in some celery, an orange

This green juice was made in a slooooowwwww masticating juicer—The Omega Juicer . We’ve had it a couple of years now and came from a Jack LaLane.

The Omega juicers are great at wringing out all of the juice, keeping the nutrition, and only leaving behind dry pulp.

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